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  • SproutConverter - $49.99

    Clean and preserve your video files.

    SproutConverter helps you preserve and polish your digital video collection. Your favorite moments, without interference. Don't let blank spaces and video distortion ruin your memorable moments - SproutConverter keeps your priceless home videos and favorite films clean and watchable! Eliminate frustrating playback issues such as: Blank spaces, Static, Noise, Feedback, Errors, Distortion

  • Movavi Photo Editor for Mac - $29.95

    Remove Objects & Enhance Photos.

    Movavi Photo Editor can easily make your images look their absolute best. Fine-tune photos with manual color correction tools, blur and sharpen your images, use Magic Enhance for one-click picture quality improvement. Experiment with image backgrounds: replace them with solid color fills or even other images. There's no need for extra precision - roughly mark the object and the background and the Editor will recognize the outlines. Remove any imperfections from photographs: accidental objects in the frame, skin blemishes and even random bystanders. And many more features..

  • Movavi Photo DeNoise for Mac - $39.95

    Reduce Noise & Get Clear Photos.

    Photo DeNoise Movavi is the ideal software for reducing visual noise in photos shot under inadequate lighting conditions.

    Say goodbye to grainy pictures – just one click will make them incredibly crisp and clean. Apply one of the default filters to instantly denoise the image with different degrees of intensity, removing the existing imperfections. You can choose from Gentle and Soft to Strongest and Extreme presets. Try adjusting the settings manually for a more precise result: play around with light noise, color noise, and intensity. Sharpen the image after denoising for greater crispness and detail.

  • Photolemur $29

    Automated photo enhancement.

    Photolemur instantly makes your photos much better and more vivid with the help of computer science, artificial intelligence and a bit of magic. It bridges the gap between what your eyes see and what your camera captures. In real life, no camera is powerful enough to transmit the actual beauty of the world that we see with our eyes..

  • Integrity Plus - $15

    Website broken-link checker and more.

    Integrity Plus fills the gap between Integrity, the free no-frills link checker, and Scrutiny, the webmaster tools suite. If you manage more than one site then Integrity Plus allows you to store settings for each site and switch between them. It generates a sitemap in xml and a variety of other formats. it also adds a search box and filter button to help you search your data.

  • Macbooster - $39.95

    Maintains and optimizes your system

    MacBooster provides a full arsenal of system-maintenance tools to make your Mac run faster. Some of these are: System Status: Explore the status of your Mac by running a full scan, Realtime Protection : Thoroughly prevent the leaking of your privacy, Privacy Clean: Explore the status of your Mac by running a full scan, Extensions Manager: Manage all your extensions to speed up your browsers, Crafted New Mini : One-click to clean junk, memory, and Trash; Security Center: Quickly and deeply analyze the security status of your Mac. Safely remove the threats to make your Mac stay safe, System Cleanup: Scan every corner of your system, find out junk files to keep your hard disk from being wasted, Performance Boost: Speed up your Mac to make it run like new; Clean Memory: Clean to regain memory space and many more..

  • Mac Product Key Finder Pro - $29.95

    Smart tool for recovering lost product keys for installed software.

    Mac Product Key Finder Pro is an application designed to safeguard activation keys for software products installed on your Mac. Mac Product Key Finder will scan your local and remote Mac for installed software and show you your serials numbers, then allow printing or saving software-license information to a file. Mac Product Key Finder can be very useful for backup purposes, to save all your serial numbers before it is too late.

  • AppDelete - $7.99

    Delete your unwanted apps and eliminate associated files.

    AppDelete is an uninstaller that will remove not only applications but also widgets, preference panes, plugins, and screensavers along with their associated files. Without AppDelete these associated items will be left behind to take up space and potentially cause issues. The items you delete will be moved to the trash and arranged in a folder so that you can see exactly what was deleted and you know exactly where it came from. The items will not be removed from your computer until you empty them from your trash. You can also undo the last delete if you choose.

  • Mosaic Standard Edition - $12

    Professional-level window management.

    Mosaic is a powerful window manager that allows easy repositioning and resizing of macOS apps, transforming multi-window chaos into a productive suite of tools.

  • PhotoBlast - $9

    Treasured memories from your photo library.

    Many of us take photos every day, but rarely find time to enjoy them. PhotoBlast displays treasured memories from your Photos library at regular intervals, popping up from your menu bar with an optional chime without taking over your screen, and vanishing after a few seconds. You can manually open the popup to take a closer look at your image.